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do or die

"Do or die" that's what I said last Friday on my last training day.
It was a fruitful training that can lead me to possible employment.
I had a great time since I've learned something new and gained new friends along the way.

But as they say, everything has to end.
The usual "We'll contact you if you're going to be part of the company"
I guess I don't have the ability that they're looking for.

I wanted to be frustrated at myself but I can't.
Frustration will just stop me from trying and moving on.

I really really wanted to practice my profession but there's so little chance that I might.
Living in a third world country with more and more graduates become unemployed every year.
I should be thankful to God since I still have a "job" not within my profession.

I personally believe that everything happens for a reason.
I'm just going to keep on trying until I reach my goals.

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." - Hellen Keller

love doctor

So I guess giving advice is my forte, but that doesn't mean I should also help someone that I like to patch things up with his girlfriend. Yes, I know I'm crazy.  The fact that we're good friends is the main reason why I wanted him to be happy. 

I've seen him hurt, happy and helpless that's why I try my best to give attention to him whenever he's around.

Everytime I think about relationships, "headache" is the first word that always pops out.  I had bad, i mean terrible relationships before but I don't hate men.  I just don't want to waste my time and effort to someone.

As I always say, I'm single BUT so damn happy!

Update: He sent a message saying "thanks a lot" after giving my most precious advices to him :)

excess notes~ I started blogging about my life and the feeling is wonderful ^^

sarangHAE at high cut korea

 My day was complete because of this solo Donghae photoshoot for High cut Korea.
I love how they play with his dorkiness and obsession with hats -> children clothes anyone?

I'm especially smitten by the picture with glasses and bow tie.
And if I have time this weekend, I'll make some gifs from Super Junior's No other MV and photoshop for these.
Gotta share these photos:

sarangHAEsarangHAEsarangHAECollapse )sarangHAEsarangHAEsarangHAECollapse )
loving East Sea everyday..can't wait to see their next concert! ^^

May God save the Philippines

mormon missionaries tried to help other Filipinos to clean up after the flood-mud disaster

flooded areas including our nation's capital

people who are trying to recover some things from their homes as cars were all washed and stumbled by the great typhoon

this is one of the main roads that me and my father passed by on our way home last Friday night
which was submerged in flood water during the non-stop rain on Saturday

September 25, 2009
I was on my way home with my father at around 11:30 pm..
There was no traffic from Ortigas Center going to Cainta where our house is located..
It was raining hard but since we are all used to rains and typhoons here in my country..
we are not alarmed by this..but as I woke up at around 9am the day after..It was STILL raining hard..
harder than the usual..there was no minute that the rain didn't stop pouring..our house wasn't flooded because our village was situated in a much higher place than other villages in Cainta..but all the roads leading to business districts are all flooded..

events that I could remember these past weekend..
~my mom got stuck in the province with her boss and colleagues for two days..
~communication networks have been affected..
~my aunt and my cousin's house was flooded so they had to eat crackers and h=just a bottle of soda for almost 24 hours..
~my 16  year old cousin who is now safe with his family was gone missing for about two days with no contacts at all..
~my father and my 3 other siblings didn't take any shower for 2 days because of lack supply of water..
~thousands of hundreds of people (young, old, very ill and special children) got stuck in their roofs just to save themselves in the high and very powerful flood current for 1-3 days..
~more than 140 people have died..
~people who lost all their houses and belongings..

the government is trying their hard to rescue, relief and rehabilitate those who have badly affected..
my country is still in shocked with what had happened and still doing our best that we can to help other people..
but we are still a third world country with not enough capacity to sustain other peoples needs..
so I'm calling to those people who are kind-hearted enough to help and give my fellow country men some little hope to rebuild their lives and courage to support them from the trauma that they had..

May the souls of all the departed rest in peace..
May all affected people have more strength..
May God save the Philippines

happy times

having my friends with me during this time of my life made everything so relax even though the pressure is on all of us..
exams..lectures and rationales are the things we spend most of our time nowadays..
we still find time to have fun and laugh..
i know we're not supposed to be like this..
but being stressed out entirely is not on our list..
we take everyday with open arms and a smile=)